Bending Spoons Retreat – Tanzania

bending spoons

People are at the heart of everything we do. For this reason, we love working with companies and realities that put their people at the center of what they do. Bending Spoons is one of them. Not for nothing - at least until the pre-pandemic times, sigh - Bending Spoons organized retreats around the world for its employees that we do not hesitate to define epics. And with us, lovers of travel, discoveries and challenges, the match was instantaneous.

Backpacking, our collaboration with Bending Spoon for a few years already, during their trip to Tanzania. We found the incredible scents of the Tanzanian markets waiting for us, mirrors of crystal clear water, distant and mysterious cultures, excursions into unspoiled nature. From these ideas a powerful visual story was born, which reflects all the energy and sense of freedom we encountered during our adventure.

That's why it's a bit tight to call it simply "aftermovie". And that's why we hope that, watching this video, you too can feel catapulted to the other side of the world, to discover magical places. On to the next trip.

PS: In 2020, we were delighted to take the Bending Spoons team on another dream retreat in Bali.