Production Service

Our positive energy at the service of your vision: complete solutions for your productions.


Do you have an idea to propose to us? Develop it with us.

Production you say?!

We organize and think about production following social and environmental values. Building an efficient plan both in terms of costs and timing.

Pre Production

Ready to go? With precision and structure we organize all the details of production, calculating unexpected events.


We decide together where it is best to shoot, we look for the best location for the product we want to obtain.


We travel following the rules of the cities that welcome us, respecting the rights and culture of the city.


We select the most suitable crew for the project, choosing people who respect the values and thoughts that build AreFilms.


We follow the choice of actors, who respond well to the needs of the project.


Let's meet directly on the set, where you will find everything organized and ready to start making the film.

Food is fundamental

Eating well on set makes you work well, we choose responsible and balanced catering for the intense days on set.


For all trips to the host city, we'll take care of it. By choosing economical and sustainable solutions.

Let's think about it

Let's evaluate the project together.


We have several recording studios we collaborate with, depending on the style of the project. From music to SFX.

Post production

Once filming is finished, we follow the post-production part, relying on internal collaborators or studios based on the project's requests.


Platforms now require particular formats, but don't worry, we'll give you the right format for what you need.


We also take care of all uploads to TV platforms and the creation of DCPs for cinema.