Are Films is a video production house and creative studio that pushes the boundaries of imagination, collaborating with national and international brands and agencies to create content that evokes authentic emotions and leaves an indelible mark.

Eco production

We are aware that many manufacturing activities, including the film and video industries, can have a negative impact on the environment. Unfortunately, it is a widespread reality: waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are just some of the consequences of film pollution. However, at AreFilms, we strongly believe that it is our duty to do everything we can to mitigate these impacts and preserve our planet.

This year, we co-produced a short film with the Green Film certification, which recognizes our commitment to environmentally friendly production. By meeting high ecological standards and using sustainable practices in all stages of production, we are proud to do our part to protect our planet.

We will continue to look for new ways to promote environmental sustainability in film and video production, convinced that only through a collective commitment can we guarantee a better future for the generations to come.