Mission to Mars

Fabrizio Cecioni
Bestway (IT EU AGP)

One of the projects we are most proud of, Mission to Mars is a 30" television commercial shot in green screen and set on Mars, which has allowed us to bring together our various interests and small dreams, going beyond the client's expectations and growing further as a company.


DoP: Frederick Torres
Assistant Director: Andrew DellaRocca
Colourist: Michael Ricossa
Line producers: Léa Canu
Assistant producer: Ernesta D'Agostino
Costume designer: Ilaria Turchietti
Set Designers: Eleanor Diana
photography sets: Alessio Galdiolo
Music and sound design: Sonora tailoring
Location: 4 Studios (Turin)

The client

Bestway is “the leading outdoor entertainment company” and manufactures and sells on six continents. Working for them (with them?) was thrilling: a high profile client, with important requests, is always a challenge and like all challenges it could be a great opportunity or a bad failure. The need to live up to expectations is a feeling that is familiar to us by now, yet it never ceases to give us great adrenaline rushes, as well as sleepless nights.

The project

The briefing called for us to be ambitious and outside the box, so"Mission to Mars” has become one of the projects in which we have felt freer to create according to our taste: the commercial is set on Mars because Martian exploration is a current theme that stimulates us and because it has given us the opportunity to use special effects, the pool that appears out of nowhere reminds us of some elements of Hollywood science fiction, such as the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey, and above all we were able to bring out an amused and playful tone in the final result, which is something that represents us and fills us with pride.