Mon Tabou

Riccardo Covino and Andrea Trombetta

Few people know that Italian songwriting has its roots in the chanson française which, from Edith Piaf to Serge Gainsbourg, has been the expression of rebellious generations. The Italian chansonnier Giangilberto Monti, who has dedicated almost thirty years to the study of these origins and to the translation and interpretation of French songs, will accompany us on a musical research through the streets of Paris, telling us stories and anecdotes starting from his personal story.
The poetics of the "scoundrel" Renaud - who used the peripheral argot of the eighties kids - like the desperate loves of Édith Piaf, the poetic provocations of Serge Gainsbourg, the ironic ballads of Boris Vian and Georges Brassens, merge with the rebelliousness of Italian singer-songwriters such as Fabrizio De André, Gino Paoli, Bruno Lauzi and Luigi Tenco, when they paid homage to the maudits of the French twentieth century.
The documentary intertwines Giangilberto's trip to Paris with interventions by personalities who are experts or who were part of the musical panorama of those years. In researching the origins of a (perhaps) lost Italian musical culture, the protagonist will meet characters such as Jean-Luc Stote, Françoise Canetti and Renaud himself.
Giangilberto embarks on his journey to Paris wondering what it means to be rebellious today. Is the flame that animated entire Italian and French generations between the 1950s and 1970s still burning?


Written by Sara Bianchi