Of nothing and no one

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Cristina Ducci

Barrier of Milan to the north of Turin, Rosario is a lonely teenager with a passion for classical mythology. He recently moved to Turin following a change in his father's job, Roberto. Rosario's father is a cynical and lying person, he has a sports supplements shop in which he manages the illicit sale of narcotic substances; Maria, the mother, is caring and submissive, dedicating all her time to taking care of the home and family. Only every now and then does the woman allow herself a break to polish the trophy won as best goalkeeper by her grandfather Rosario, who died prematurely in the Belice earthquake of 1968. Maria finds it difficult to settle into the new city, which leads her to increasingly withdraw inside. home, so much so that he no longer wants to leave.


Screenplay by Cristina Ducci, Marco Borromei and Dario Levantino