Italian Tech Week

Fabrizio Cecioni
Italian Tech Week

The inspirational commercial of Italian Tech Week is the first work of Are Films, and it played a fundamental role in understanding what kind of company we wanted to be: we already knew we wanted to pay attention to our environmental impact, but this opportunity allowed us to reconcile sustainability with our interest in technology and innovation.


Executive producer: Fabrizio Cecioni
Line producers: Léa Canu
Editors: Alessio Galdiolo
Music and sound design: Sonora tailoring

Sonora tailoring

The original music and the soundtrack are thanks to the guys from Sartoria Sonora, a team of young sound engineers who were able to listen to our requests and interpret them masterfully, going to compose a fundamental part of the project. Without them it would not have been the same, that's why we are happy to have known them and we still collaborate.