Are Films is a video production house and creative studio that pushes the boundaries of imagination, collaborating with national and international brands and agencies to create content that evokes authentic emotions and leaves an indelible mark.

The values of Are Films

Here from Are Films, we believe in values that embrace the side human and social of our work. For us, the “human” aspect means that we are attentive to everything around us, including the impacts on people near us. Empathy and social responsibility are central to our approach.

And when we talk about "social" values, we are not just referring to the ecological aspect, even if it is an important pillar for us. We want to be a voice of inclusivity and gender equality. For us, cinema is a platform where every voice has the right to express itself and find space. We strive for a more equal society through the stories we tell and the actions we take.

We will continue to work for these human and social values, ensuring that our cinematic work reflects our commitment to a better world.


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