Winter Collection

Fabrizio Cecioni

The things we love about working with Bestway: we feel like family, we can use our creative freedom to the max, and, once we get home from set, we can't wait to start working on the next project with them.

This is why we were incredibly happy to be able to repeat the Commercial experience dedicated to Lay-Z-Spa and which began in 2021 with the first spot Never forget what matters - this time, however, focusing on the product. A production that posed numerous challenges for us: from the obstacles of the pandemic, to the agendas to coordinate, to logistical unexpected events of all kinds, up to having to change the set in record time to recreate three different seasons, in three days, with three teams of actors different. This time too, however, the team effort was successful, and the result, in our humble opinion, is sensational.

But there's more. Because we believe that this production perfectly communicates what meeting Bestway meant for us: knowing and building relationships with people before products. Which is exactly what we love most about our job.


DoP: Davide Piazzolla
Assistant Director: Andrew DellaRocca
Colourist: Davide Piazzolla
Line producers: Léa Canu
Assistant producer: Ernesta D'Agostino
Costume designer: Agostino Porchietto
Set Designers: Eleanor Diana
photography sets: Emanuele Basile