Valentino Park – Motor Show

Valentino Park - Motor Show

Turin is industry, Turin is automobile. And, for us who were born in Turin, having had the opportunity to work with the Auto Show before turning into Are Films was a dream come true. A week of shows, the whole city involved, the fulcrum in the Valentino Park, very fast rhythms and breathtaking emotions: the after movie we made on commission for the event is a concentrate of all these things.

Because being part of the Auto Show meant embracing a higher level challenge, unleashing all our creativity to chase racing cars that whizzed through the streets of Turin and, sometimes, get on them ourselves for some spectacular passages. And then, miles and miles on foot in the Valentino so as not to miss even a crumb of the show, GoPros fixed to every part of the body, running from side to side so as not to miss even one of the huge smiles that the participants of all the age. To fully describe the feeling that working on this project gave us, we need to invent a new word.

Today, the Auto Show remains as a splendid memory and as a great satisfaction for the professional challenge overcome. In Are Films' DNA there are also versatility, flexibility and creativity, and this project has certainly been an excellent training ground.