I can not wait to hug you

AIDO Piedmont Region

"I can not wait to hug you." A simple phrase, sometimes taken for granted in everyday interactions with the people we love. At the same time, a phrase that can be a revolution if intended towards people we don't know, to create contact and closeness. For the commercial created in 2021 for AIDO (Italian Association for the Donation of Tissue Organs and Cells) we wanted to start from this small linguistic detonation, focusing on the meeting between two strangers - donor and recipient - who, despite having never seen each other, can't wait to hug each other.

Altruism, courage, solidarity, kindness. These are the values that guide the action of AIDO; values that we fully share, and that we wanted to make protagonists of our story of what AIDO is and does on a daily basis. We therefore started from the testimony of Stefano, a very young man helped by AIDO to find the right donor for his heart transplant, to then move on to that of Nadia, a nurse who passed on to us all the joy of working with fragile but invincible people, that is, recipients waiting for a transplant. We encountered wonderful stories, and we are incredibly grateful to Stefano and Nadia for being willing to share theirs with us.

Because "it doesn't take much", as the radio host Tinto also recalls at the end of our commercial, to play one's part. It doesn't take much to lift the veil and meet different days from ours, different concerns from ours. That's why, in a certain sense, this spot seems "little" to us. At the same time, however, let's hope it's "a lot". And that it helps more and more people to become donors and support the cause of AIDO.